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The Ozone Story

The Ozone story begins with our passion to improve the laundrette experience for all customers.

We set about sourcing the best and most up-to-date washing machines and dryers. This has led to a collaborative partnership with equipment manufacturers and distributors.

We created an environment which offers better, safer, more user-friendly and more hygienic laundry services. Accepting payment by card or phone added to the user-friendly experience and prevented problems that cash often attracts.

And we developed the most advanced laundry technology in Australia – the Ozone Process.

The Ozone Process

The most advanced washing technology that provides a better laundry experience.

What ozone does

Ozone is the most powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment known. Our unique Ozone Process will hygienically clean your clothes better than any other cleaning method in Australia. Ozone Clean laundrettes are one of the few laundry premises in Australia to provide this advanced technology. We have included Ozone into all our washing processes for free.

Clean and fresh

Ozone converts into oxygen at the end of the wash cycle, leaving no residual contaminants or odours. Unlike the usual washing process, our Ozone Process will leave your clothes looking, smelling and feeling as fresh as when you first bought them.

Safe on clothes

Over time, washing cycles can have a detrimental effect on clothing. Harsh washing powders, bleach and other cleaning agents can wear away the fibres and your clothes can begin to feel brittle. Our unique Ozone Process will not damage your clothes in any way and it provides a superior clean wash.

Safe for the environment

Detergents, bleaches and some soap powers and liquids are major contributors to pollution in our waterways and oceans. We are as concerned about the environment as we are about our customer experience. As ozone is a neutral gas, we are proud that our Ozone Process is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

For the most advanced laundry service in Melbourne that cares

for you and your clothes, come to Ozone Clean.

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